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In late 2017, seven women accused Hoffman of sexual misconduct or assault,[70] including Wendy Riss Gatsiounis,[71]Cori Thomas,[72] Melissa Kester,[72]Kathryn Rossetter,[73] and an anonymous woman. A woman who was 17 at the time said Hoffman sexually harassed her and forced her to give him foot massages in New York (the age of consent is 17). [70] Hoffman's daughter's friend who also was a minor at the time (16), alleged Hoffman exposed his penis to her in a hotel room then asked for a foot massage. [72] One woman said Hoffman touched her naked breasts and inner thighs 6–8 times a week, against her will, during a specific microphone speaking part of a Broadway play that left her unable to stop him. She stated that during one performance he started putting his fingers inside her vagina during the same speaking part, and she alleged that another time he pulled her dress over her head, revealing her naked body to other cast members and causing her to miss her part and be reprimanded. She shared a picture of Hoffman grabbing her breast, which she says was against her will. [74] Two other women accused him of separate incidents where he inserted his fingers inside their vaginas unexpectedly and without permission when they were near him while wearing a skirt. [72] Hoffman released an apology to the 17 year-old intern who alleged harassment but denied wrongdoing, saying